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A watercolor painting of hot air balloons in the sky.

Meet the January artist, Sarah Wruk

Meet the January artist of the month, Sarah Wruk, 1-4 p.m.  Sarah will be in the Crush Pad, with music by Chris Rude, and she’d love to talk to you about art!

Here’s a brief bio on Sarah:

“I began my artistic journey when I was in elementary school in Stephenville, TX, when I took an interest in anime characters such as Inuyasha. Later on, I played video games like Spyro and Kingdom Hearts. The games that truly sparked my interest in creating/designing games and creating art for them were Lineage 2, Guild Wars and the Elder Scrolls series. I have always felt that it is such an imaginative career path full of endless possibilities.

Once I moved to Wisconsin, I truly delved into the world of art, and spent most of my time doodling, sketching, painting, etc. and learning from other artistic classmates. I also continued gaming, and played World of Warcraft, Morrowind, and continued playing Lineage 2. My art became more realistic in style around this period.
Towards the end of high school I drifted a little and worked more towards a career in music/performance. However, once I met my husband a few years later, he helped me decide to go to Art Institutes – Online Division to get my Bachelor of Science in Game Art & Design.
By this point, I consider my artistic passions to lie in concept art.
I have three children and a very supportive husband, and currently work as a 911 dispatcher here, in Wisconsin. I hope to make art my full-time career someday.”
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