A family of five became one vineyard

A large pine tree in front of a house.

The Elmaro Story

Our interest in growing grapes started with our love of wine, agriculture and family.

Our Pine Tree

The white pine that’s featured on our label has been on the property about twice as long as our family. The vineyard site was homesteaded in the 1850’s, and the Elmaro tree is estimated at being 300 years old. The lone white pine towers over the surroundings as a symbol of stability and determination. It’s also a representation of our family. We are a family that is fortunate enough to work together and produce something great. Come visit our vineyard and be our guest as you enjoy great wines with friends or family.

We are proud to be a family owned and run start up operation. Planting our first vines in the spring of 2006, we set out to not only grow the best quality grapes and produce award winning wines, but also to share our experience and love of grapes with all that visit. Wine makers and wine lovers alike can come and enjoy our picturesque vineyard and winery.

You jump. I jump.

The five owners of Elmaro all led separate lives with five different careers until one day…

A man and woman standing in front of a bunch of grapes.

Lynita May Docken, by far the most active and creative woman you will ever meet, wanted a retirement project. Originally one of three women master plumbers (yes, you read that right: PLUMBERS) statewide, Lynita was finishing up her career as the plumbing program manager for Wisconsin. A lover of outdoors and the environment, she was debating a specialty crop. When she discovered the University of Minnesota grape hybrids she was hooked. She planted Marquette…to make a long story short she fell in love with grapes, wine and brought everyone along with her. In 2010, she completed her enology (study of winemaking) certificate from the University of California – Davis. She has created phenomenal award winning wines ranging from dry oaked reds like Marquette to full sweet black currant wines. Each wine is a work of art and Lynita a master artist.

Mark Edward Delaney has farmed since he was a boy. He and his dad, Robert, planted soybeans as their first crop on the family homestead. The old farmhouse foundation sat underneath an over 300 year old white pine tree in the middle of the eighty acres of sandy loam that started as Mark’s great-great-great-grandparents’ dream. Mark and his parents continued to farm this land and up to 1400 acres more every season since he was a boy. They formed Elmaro Farms Incorporated and the name equally represents them in the first two letters of each of their names: Elaine, Mark, and Robert. Then came the grapes…Mark sold almost every piece of farming equipment he owned March 15, 2010 and turned it over to start a winery. He said, “I accomplished my dream of farming. It’s time to help someone else achieve theirs.” He managed the vineyard and any other task put before him till this spring when he decided to take a little more time for himself. He now offers help on special projects and advice whenever we need it.

A family posing for a photo in front of a vineyard.

Todd Michael Roessler had no idea what he was in for. A central Wisconsinite knew nothing of the west coast…of Wisconsin. Married to Mark & Lynita’s daughter, Laura. Todd, basically, can do anything. He was many people’s favorite beer guy working in Madison as an Anheuser Busch sales rep. He then got his elementary education degree from Winona State University and became one of the best Montessori 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade teachers in Winona. He built the first mobile bottling business in the Midwest from the ground up and became the region’s foremost wine bottling expert. He self-distributed our wine to over 25 locations and brought us to the number one wine in west central Wisconsin. To add a new challenge, Todd now manages our 16+ acres of vineyard.

Laura Delaney Roessler is the scientist/yogi. She has a bachelor’s in Biochemistry from UW-Madison and used it at Mayo Clinic Rochester in the Toxicology Lab and as a lab manager at UW-La Crosse. She was the last of the family to join the team full time in 2014. Her nickname is “the nose” and her talents in sensory analysis and quality control help put the finishing touches on the wine before bottling. A mother of three; Ava 13, Will 8, and Dash 1, she’s running most of the time. She brought her love of yoga to the vineyard and teaches every Thursday evening rain or shine.

A man and woman posing for a photo in the woods.

Cameron Delaney is a UW-Stout graduate with a degree in Hospitality and Tourism. His journey has taken him through kitchens, dining rooms, supper clubs, taverns, and swanky hotels. Cameron oversees Elmaro's guest experiences and staff in the tasting room, tasting packages, and events.  His love of food, wine, and travel has led him to bring some unique offerings to Elmaro. With 20+ years of hospitality experience and world travels with his wife Megan, he’s got some great stories and is happy to share some when you visit.